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Advanced Security Driver Training Programme

Driving is statistically the highest Risk activity most people undertake.
TSG Nigeria aims to develop the skills, techniques and tactics required for safe and efficient driving, for a wide range of operational requirements. Typical attendees include: security chauffeurs; close protection operatives; asset transportation drivers; and professionals who require specialist driving skills. Our instructors share expert knowledge and a wide-range of practical skills that is delivered with passion and enthusiasm, to ensure our students become the best drivers they are able to be. As a driver, these enhanced driving skills will help to: lower company insurance costs; reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs (as a result of smoother vehicle control); increase the safety of your passengers by reducing the likelihood of them being involved in road traffic accidents, Hi-jack, ambush, terrorism; and reduce the likelihood of third party claims being made against your company.

This course will ultimately enable you to efficiently provide mobile protection and security to both the client and other team members. The professional driver needs to be highly skilled and knowledgeable on all aspects of driving; including, observational skills, anticipation, situational awareness and possess a deep understanding of vehicle control, dynamics and handling skills. As an employer, this course will help to ensure corporate legal responsibilities are fulfilled, as a result of provisions within both the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act, together with broader Health and Safety requirements. This covers certification, Photographic ID card, manuals and tea/coffee. (refreshments).

Course Details & Course Overview

Theory and Practical = N150,000.00 (3 Days).

Course Details

  • Airport and station meeting protocol
  • Pick up and set down procedures
  • passenger security leaving and entering the vehicle
  • Embus / debus (orthodox & unorthodox)
  • One, Two and three Car VIP Escort / convoy Drills.
  • Surveillance – (anti & counter)
  • Understanding that routine kills
  • Travel and contingency planning
  • Surveillance detection and pre-incident indicators.
  • Specialised installations, equipment and communications
  • TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures)
  • Route planning
  • Route planning; identifying choke points, alternative routes and safe havens.
  • Importance of secondary route planning as a minimum
  • Dealing with road blocks /check points.
  • Practical Exercises & Safety evacuations (A part of practical deal)
  • Practical coaching session to develop heightened perception skills and ‘system’ driving
  • Day & night driving
  • Defensive and evasive techniques
  • rapid reaction and adopting a strong driving style to ensure security and a safe exit from potentially compromising situations
  • Low profile advanced vehicle anti-ambush driving techniques (single & multiple convoy vehicles)
  • High profile advanced vehicle anti-ambush driving techniques (reactive & evasive anti-ambush)

Evacuating from a building into a vehicle; vehicle into a building and even vehicle into a vehicle

  • J-Turns
  • Y-Turns
  • Handbreak-Turns
  • Fish Tailing
  • Reversing at speed exercises
  • Slalom work
  • And much more…..

Career Impact

Just because you may have a driving license and / or a PCO does not mean you are suitable driver for the sector, let Dean Training Limited unlock the skills needed to be a competent and confident driver in all sectors – whether a currier driver or security driver.
Gain the skills required to operate effectively and confidently in your professional role as Chauffeur / security Driver and adding an additional safety measure to protect the principle.
Gain an additional important disciplines and skills as a lone worker in order to not be victim of criminal action.
Place yourself above your peers with a respected and favoured qualification which confirms your skills and abilities.

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