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Our consultancy services have been developed through extensive industry experience and hands-on knowledge gained through the delivery of security testing, and in response to security incidents. We have a deep understanding of where an organization’s approach to information security can fail and where improvements can be made to develop policies and procedures that enable the organization to achieve its objectives.

Starting a new business is often fraught with challenges and unforeseen circumstances, and effective protection of data and intellectual property is key to ensuring avoidable failure. Having an effective information security approach is also vital for any new business but this can often be difficult to achieve due to lack of internal expertise during the initial stages of a company’s life, and external consultancy costs can be prohibitive.

To address this, we deliver a new business package providing the policies and procedures required for these early years at a fixed and affordable rate. All our start-up packages are based on an initial risk assessment to ensure that the policies and procedures are fit for purpose and will support the organisation’s risk appetite and business objectives.

Target Search Global Consultants were established to fill this void in the provision of crime reduction, loss prevention and community safety advice and to broaden the perspective to include a much wider range of risks associated with the built environment. An advisory service that would provide a more holistic, realistic and more cost-effective solution. A solution which businesses, organisations, property developers and building occupiers can understand and embrace.

TSG Consultants were established not just as another security consultancy, but as a consultancy focusing on the management of security and safety issues within the business environment, the one aspect of independent security advice hitherto largely ignored. A philosophy and working methodology were created to provide a more lateral problem solving approach, an approach applicable across all business sectors, other private sector organisations and the public sector. Today Target Search Global continues to challenge the establishment view on security, and through his independent consultancy work has shown that there is an alternative.

TSG Consultant’s continuing success is due to its Directors commitment to remain true to its founding principles of:

  1. Independence – A consultancy free of any commercial association with the private security industry.
  2. Impartiality – A consultancy that always focuses on the best interests of the Client.
  3. Integrity – A consultancy that works to the highest ethical standards.
  4. Innovation – A consultancy that is constantly redefining the boundaries of the sectors in which it operates
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At TSG Limited, we strongly believe in meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations by offering effective security solutions whilst fostering a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Target Search Global in a nutshell represents Security Solutions at Its Best.