Surveillance Investigations

How often do you watch your back or check your mirrors when driving? Are you aware of your environment? Do you carry out any final checks of your environment as you approach your home or office? These are some of the actions we often take for granted as we go about our daily lives, hence we need to acknowledge that situational awareness is an extremely important of what we do everyday.

In surveillance one of the most talked about devices is the CCTV, but how is this device really being used? Has it been setup properly and is it functioning as it should?  How often do you review footages? A search of crime footages online will reveal some very disturbing images, but on the flip side these images have also assisted investigators arrest perpetrators. Having said that, we also find out in some cases where the CCTV camera was not working or did not capture the blind spots which the criminals were able to take advantage of. Our courses delve into the various types of surveillance available using people and technology to achieve optimum results and keep lives and properties safe, you will also learn how to follow persons of interest without being detected and be able to deploy the right security gadgets at the right time and in the right environment.

We will not only teach you best practice, but we will also show you best practice with typical uses cases for homes, offices, and industries. These are only some of the benefits our course offers to participants. Simple put, no serious establishment can survive the threat we face in this modern world without having a working surveillance system, security is not only about having armed security men patrolling, but this also not how TSG operates, we think outside the box.

Most crimes in the country are not solved due to the fact that we simply do not have enough professionals in the investigation field often leading to many cold cases, for the most part the focus is always on crime prevention without much attention being paid to solving crimes and investigative processes , which can be tied to the challenges mentioned earlier in the industry , however,  as a duty of care and responsibility we owe it to the victims of crime , living or dead. Providing bereaved families answers can serve as a means of closure for them and ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.

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