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security awareness Program
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security awareness Program
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security awareness Program (NSCDC)
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TSG work to promote and protect the ability of nonprofits to carry out effective programs that support peace and human rights, aid civilians in areas of disaster and armed conflict, and build democratic governance

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TSG Nigeria facilitators are affiliated with world-class accredited and regulated awarding bodies including, the Security Industry Authority (SIA), British Heart Foundation UK, The Nigeria Police Force ,The Royal Colleague of Surgeons Edinburgh, The Awarding Organization for Accredited Qualifications, City & Guilds and the Health and Safety Executive, amongst others. 

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Nigeria's police work under terrible conditions: what needs to be fixed ?

What is the situation when it comes to Nigeria security welfare?

The last time that Nigerian police went on strike was under the Olusegun Obasanjo administration in 2002. The action embarrassed the government terribly. Police officers embarked on strike action in reaction to failed government promises on conditions of service. Their action led to the sacking of the Inspector General and other top police management team.

The welfare of officers.

Nigeria security welfare can be seen as one situation no one is willing to talk about, this is why Target Search Global is talking about it and looking for a solution to help many security operators in the country.

Welfare issues aren’t limited to salaries. They also include affordable and decent housing, health care, clothing, promotion and a conductive working environment. The welfare of officers also includes the condition of police barracks which have been shown to be in a terrible state.

In 2013 a viral video showed the terrible state of the Nigeria Police Training School. It showed the appalling conditions under which Nigeria trains future police officers.

Security training issue is equally applicable to other private security agencies in Nigeria, private security officers no longer get free training education from employers again, rather, they go out to get trained themselves. This situation has led many private security officers to be less passionate about the security industry or see security industry as a career given profession.

The welfare of police and security officers was one of the five-point demand of the #EndSars protesters. The government promised to review the welfare of police officers, particularly salaries. But this has still not been done.

If police officers are well decorated with medals and given better training and welfare packages, the private security sector will have no choice but do the needful.

The police as the main custodians of law and order in Nigeria. In 2021 the headcount of police personnel was over 370,000 police personnel. Most belong to the junior officer’s cadre. These are usually the officers one can describe as the foot soldiers of the force as they are mostly involved in day-to-day policing such as check point duties, station duties and other policing activities that have direct relations with the public.

The private security sector filled up the guarding of office and other public premises, including event centres and social gathering arenas in Nigeria.

What factors are behind the poor situation?

They’re not very different from the factors driving poor welfare of most public servants in Nigeria. This includes university lecturers, among others. Factors include:

Inadequate funding. At N403 billion, (US$980 million) the 2020 budget for the Nigeria Police was the highest it has been allocated in the past 5 years in terms of amount. This might seem like a large number. But it is only just over a quarter of the total security budget. Five years ago, the budget for the police made up a third of the total security budget.

A lack of effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to address complaints.

Systematic corruption in the security sector which plays out in several matters of welfare of security/ police officers. This affects a range of things, including recruitment, promotion, salaries, and postings and public respect to private security officers and the police.

A lack of internal accountability and inability to implement presidential directives to address the welfare of police officers.

What Target Seach Global Limited Nigeria wants to achieve with SUPPORT FUND FOR SECURITY OFFICERS in NIGERIA

Security Officer top skills & proficiencies as priority (Training! Training!! Training !!!)

  • Written and Verbal Communication in Security Customer Service
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Knowledge of Security Operations and Procedure
  • Manage Multiple Tasks
  • Knowledge of Basic Security and Basic Interrogation
  • First Aid Responder / CPR
  • Surveillance Skills
  • Judgment
  • Objectivity
  • Dependability
  • Emotional Control
  • Integrity
  • Safety Management
  • Professionalism
  • Reporting Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Communication

Security Scholarship Training Programme in TSG Nigeria


Indeed, Nigeria police officers and other Security Agents in Nigeria are in need of robust security training programme, good welfare package, and many more.

Target Search Global Ltd Nigeria can only appeal to the world and other organizations to please let’s come together and help the security fragile structure.

Target Search Global Ltd Nigeria is asking and begging all Nigerians in diaspora to donate for this course in sanitizing and rebuilding our security officers.

1 – Retraining the security officers
2 – Help with good office equipment
3 – Good health care services.
4 – Retired but not tired empowerment business programme.

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Every individual or security guard that has gone through our training testify they have become smarter in their approach to situations around them having gone through our in-class and field training.

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Our Assurance to you is that your guards will react quickly in whatever situation they find themselves and will deliver top notch service at every point in time. We train them not just to be stronger but also work more on their speed because this is necessary.

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