As a top leading security firm and organization, our clients place in our care their most valuable assets and it is important we protect these assets with due diligence while taking into consideration their ethics and cultural values. To this end, our approach and service to the community are our greatest goals.

Premised on feedback from surveys carried out by a wide range of stakeholders on the best way of achieving our social responsibility of service to the community and ethical business sustainability, our core areas for CSR are:

  1. Security
  2. Sports
  3. Community
  4. Environment


TARGET SEARCH GLOBAL (TSG) has been in the private guard and security solutions service for over four decades. Our sustenance has been fuelled by our desire to ensure the protection of lives and property, by way of providing various security solutions while keeping ethics and cultural value in mind.


As a top Security Solution firm with proven training to thousands of field operatives, the welfare, and satisfaction of our workers are of great importance to us. We endeavour to negotiate the best price obtainable (taking into consideration statutory deductibles) before taking on contracts and this is to ensure our field operatives are adequately compensated and taken care of.


  • Security: Security is one of the major challenges faced by every class in Nigerian society and its effects are more far-reaching than anticipated. Thus, as a security company, partnership with the police and other law enforcement agencies is important. Also, as part of our social responsibility, we provide regular tips and articles on security awareness via the Target Search Global Website and our various social media platforms. We also encourage regular visits to the site, for updates on the happenings in the wake of terrorism, incessant rape, and other security threats.
  • Sport: The total wellbeing of the populace is of great importance therefore, we thrive to ensure this by providing sports facilities and funding competitions among members of staff, intercompany games, and among schools around the nation.
  • Community: We are concerned about the community at large and we always seek ways to make life easier for the citizens, we have put in our weight when needed for the grading, elevation, and construction of access roads.
  • Environment: We believe in a green society, and we therefore always look for ways of ethically disposing of waste, recycling, and ensuring there aren’t unnecessary emissions to the atmosphere. We thrive to use energy minimally, by introducing energy-saving bulbs and appliances, inverters, and solar lights. We ensure the use of less paper, by communicating via online means and promoting tree planting. We are committed to having a safer atmosphere for humans, plants, and animals to thrive.
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At TSG Limited, we strongly believe in meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations by offering effective security solutions whilst fostering a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Target Search Global in a nutshell represents Security Solutions at Its Best.